Custom WordPress Web Development

Love at first (web)sight

Without a website, you’re already losing up to half your potential customer base. Without a good website, you’re losing most of your potential customers in their first 5 seconds of scrolling. For more scary digital data, you can check this report out. Or, we could just go ahead and fix your digital problems, I know just the gal.

It is by far the easiest but most innovative content management system (CMS) on the web. It’s also the number 1 most used CMS in the world, which means that almost every program you come across will integrate with WordPress.

Because WordPress is open source, free software, it means developers have full access to write complimentary software to enhance it’s capabilities. It also means that design and functionality limitations seen with shopify, wix and squarespace just don’t exist with WordPress.

Yep, that’s the goal. A good website is ever-changing and if you can change it yourself on a whim, you will save thousands in costs over the years.

I provide my clients with comprehensive how to’s at every handover and I’m always here should you need further help.

Because I use WordPress, the only other costs for a regular website are domain name purchase, hosting & maintenance.

The purchase of a domain name is about $20/year.

Hosting for my clients is taken care of through my private Cloudways servers. Depending on your level of involvement with the site maintenance, my hosting plans start from $33 per month, with the most popular plan being $46 per month with the option to save 10% by paying yearly.

To really polish off your online presence, I do recommend that my clients also purchase a branded email through google, around $8 per month. 

Aside from these, if we do anything really fancy with your website, such as a members only log-in area, or online course platforms etc, the software for these usually incur a yearly cost.

Professional Images

The first thing every business owner should do before their website build is ensure they have a good stockpile of high quality, professional images. These are so important for your brand and your website. Book in a shoot today! Rip the bandaid off, you will be glad you did and your website will look infinitely better.

Copy (the words on your website!)

You’ll need to gather all the words for your website before your project dates. You can write these yourself and provide it to me in word docs, or if you want to get really serious, you can hire a professional copywriter (that specialises in SEO!)


If you’ve got a professionally branded business, the website design will come together more cohesively. If you are in love with your brand, the website design will be an extension of it.

Book it in!

Once you’ve decided you’d like a shiny new website from me, it goes like this:

Get in Touch > We’ll figure out what you need and which web package will suit > Accept contract > Pay deposit > In person meeting or phone/zoom call > Fill out tech & design questionnaires > Receive build dates for your project > Get Images & Copy to me before start date


Once we reach the project start date and I have all of your images & copy, I commence the build of your homepage. If you don’t have an existing website, I can create a ‘Coming Soon’ page and launch this to your domain. Once the homepage is finished, I’ll send it to you for review. I implement any of your requested changes, and this will be the basis design for the rest of the website. 

Final Review

You get access to your whole website and we do another round of changes if needed.


All links and forms and flows get double checked, and we launch! I’ll make a mockup for you to post on your socials announcing the launch of your new site!


I’ll provide you with ‘How To’ videos specific to your site, like changing images, writing blog posts and/or adding a new item to your specially built custom post type. I can take care of the maintenance of your site in my most popular hosting plan or you can opt for self-maintenance if you have WordPress experience!



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WordPress Web Development

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